26 de gener de 2012

The healing properties of tarot cards... applied to language learning!

Now it's not about relaxing music, healthy food or yoga. If you are experiencing some problems with your health, some doctors in the US are lately recommending... the tarot! In fact one of the main trends now in fashion in psychic fairs is to sell tarot cards as tools for healing both psychological anxiety and physical illness, and initiative that is being very successful.

Cartomancy has always been presented as a tool for self-knowledge. It is said that it provides well-being through inviting us to have an insight into our inner worries and personality traits. Indeed, self-analysis helps purifying the mind and, even if we are not particularly firm believers in paranormal matters, it can be kind of fun to plunge into our subconscious with the help of these cards!

What we can't deny is that we all need guidance some time in our lives, and as British Tarot reader and blogger Gillian MacDonald claims on her blog, Tarot and Healing, "A (tarot)reading will help clarify individual concerns or queries as well as provide an overview of your life based on current circumstances and their most likely direction".

There are many differently priced decks available at the market, and the art of divination is available to you if you just have a look in a shop, not only at an esoteric one, but also at many book and stationary shops. The most famous among these decks is the now classic Tarot of Marseille, which is the most widely sold around the world, and maybe one of the easiest to interpret, so this is the best one for beginners.

If this issue of tarot has so many applications, why not applying it to language learning? Your teacher will provide you with a deck and a guide to understand the major arcana, which are the most important cards in a tarot deck. Let's see what we find out about ourselves today...

28 de setembre de 2011

12 de juliol de 2011

Learning English with the help of ICT

There is no doubt that nowadays the Internet is being used in many ways for teaching and learning. According to Felix (2000), its impact in language teaching has been considerable because the technology of the Web “has advantages over the previous generation of CALL by being cheaper and easier to develop and often cheaper and easier to run and by offering real possibilities for authentic interaction”. If we analyse the current use of the Internet, we will see that it has mainly been utilised as a source of information and communication, but it is also being used more and more as a source of instrumental tools. 
 Isabel Pérez (TESOL Newsletter 2003): "Creating materials online with free teacher tools"

I can make English easier for you

11 de juliol de 2011

Course intro

We're in for new adventures in ICT!! Let's explore the Internet for new tools to improve our teaching.